The Unicorn Challenge 26/05/23

© Ayr/Gray

A magical new weekly writing opportunity from me – Jenne Gray – and him – C. E. Ayr.
Visit this blog every Friday, read an amazing story from each of us, and then post your own even better effort in the comments below.
Or on your own blog and stick the link down in the comments.
The rules are:
Maximum of 250 words.
Based on photo prompt above.
That’s it.



  1. […] There he was, still an hour or so, from home at the mouth of the fjord!It had been a long, long, time-too long. Her heart raced with excitement as her eyebrows drew into a scowl. Was she happy or angry? God made men with a purpose. He gave them talents and proposed that they make a mark on the world. Why weren’t children and family enough?The science, art, and exploration, however grand and celebrated, did nothing for the rearing of children and warming her bed. He’d be awkward in the doorway…a stranger. Then, he’d settle in offering exotic gifts and wild adventurous tales to the boys as they danced vying for his long-awaited attention.It would take a few days for the ordinary to set in. The sense of safety and completeness that was only to be shattered in a few months by his new driving focus that didn’t include any of them.She was tired of waiting for his ‘purposes‘ to dry up and his body to lose its untiring fitness. Their house was in need of long overdue repair.Keeping him home, where he belonged, would require an accident.193-words […]

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