The Unicorn Challenge – 12/05/23

© Ayr/Gray

A magical new weekly writing opportunity from me – Jenne Gray – and him – C. E. Ayr.
Visit this blog every Friday, read an amazing story from each of us, and then post your own even better effort in the comments below.
Or on your own blog and stick the link down in the comments.
The rules are:
Maximum of 250 words.
Based on photo prompt above.
That’s it.



  1. […] The Unicorn Challenge posts a picture each Friday and dares us to write an amazing story with a maximum of 250 words. I read nothing in the rules about a minimum number of words so I wrote nothing and will let the pictures tell my fantasy. […]


  2. Fear

    She hated walking the last hundred yards from the bus stop on the main road to her house.

    Between the pools of light was the threat of darkness, something she had feared since early childhood. These days, though, the threat did not consist of strange ectoplasmic creatures sliding menacingly out from under the wardrobe or through the crack beneath the door. Today’s threats, in her anxiety-riddled mind, were muggers, rapists, murderers.

    She chided herself. She would not let her mental state take control. She was being ridiculous. Clenching her fists, she walked steadily onwards.

    She never reached home.

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    • Fear very deftly shown in this story, Angela, right from the childhood monsters through to the narrator’s anxiety-ridden mind of the present day.
      And a good – if scary – twist at the end.
      Thanks so much for taking part. I hope we’ll see you again next week.

      PS I copied your story onto this week’s prompt page as well, so that the others could see it. Didn’t want them to moiss it.


      • Thanks, Jenne. It can take me a while to think of something so I won’t post every week but I enjoy the challenge.


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