The Unicorn Challenge – 07/04/23

With thanks to my friend, Eunice

The Unicorn Challenge.

A magical new weekly writing opportunity from me – Jenne Gray – and him – C. E. Ayr.
Visit this blog every Friday, read an amazing story from each of us, and then post your own even better effort in the comments below.
Or on your own blog and stick the link down in the comments.
The rules are:
Maximum of 250 words.
Based on photo prompt above.
That’s it.

But First

************* Oyez Oyez Oyez ************

Some of you may have noticed that on our inaugural Unicorn Challenge last week, C. E. somewhat bizarrely offered ‘a mythical mystery prize’.
Following what I suspect to be some nefarious skullduggery on his part, nefarious skullduggery being pretty much his default modus operandi, he has awarded the prize to the delightful ladysighs for her white unicorns.
So, congratulations ladysighs, this is the prize:

Just the photo, not the elephant.
Everyone knows AnElephantCant be given as a prize.



  1. I thank the elephant for his prize
    Yet to receive it was no surprise
    Once upon a time ’bout him I did fantasize
    To say more of this it would be quite unwise

    Long ago we said our goodbyes
    And I was left with only sighs
    But he was once one of my guys
    With all that that implies

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