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In no more than 250 words write a storybeginning: The world thought it had seen everything until.


The world thought it had seen everything until that night of April 2019 in the Folies Bergère, Paris, when a line of rats wearing can-can dresses joined the dancers on-stage, stood up on their hind legs and started flinging these same legs about in time to the music.
Naturally, the human dancers fled and the music stopped, while the audience sat with mouths hanging open, as a crowd of smaller rats stomped onto the stage carrying placards declaring, ‘RATS HAVE RIGHTS’.
A large rat detached from the dancers and strode to the front of the stage.
‘Mesdames et Messieurs,’ he began – he was a transvestite rat – ‘we are ‘ere to warn you. Unless ze city of Paris immediately abandons plans to tear down Notre Dame after ze terrible fire and build a modern cathedral, ze rats of France will rebel.
‘Think back to ze destruction of ze famous market, Les Halles, in 1972. Millions of rats were made ‘omeless in zat regretted act of vandalism. Thousands upon thousands died. We will not allow zat to ‘appen again.
‘Ze city of Paris must begin reconstruction of Notre Dame at once. We ‘ave studied Albert Camus’ famous book, and we know ‘ow to make Ze Plague a reality. It will be catastrophic. You ‘ave been warned.’
With that, he turned to the conductor – ‘Maestro?’
As the music struck up, the rats ceremoniously can-can-ed off stage.

And that, Mesdames et Messieurs, is (possibly) how the reconstruction of Notre Dame was decided.



  1. My heart, or indeed mon coeur, is lightened by your words here, Jenne, because I had previously believed ze whole depressing ND saga to be just another sordid tale of bribery and corruption.
    Not only zat, but your version is plus drôle.
    And I like how you raised ze whole tone by invoking ze blessed M. Camus.

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    • Ze Rats of Paris are ‘appy zat you enjoyed zeir story.
      Zey are glad zey ‘ave lightened your ‘eart and zey sank you for your comment.
      Per’aps you would like zem to offer you zeir Platinum Tour of ze Sewers of ze city to show zeir gratitude?
      Ze End!


  2. That’s what all great cities need! Rats with a knowledge of history and literature to polish up that sense of droll & pure political savvy. And a terrific set of gams! Or something like that…
    Vive le victory!

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  3. “No idea where the story came from…” (from your reply to Len)
    Thank god I’m not alone.

    (Here’s a weird reaction*) I started laughing at the juxtaposition of the title and the top photo. It was that, scary-if-there-was-anyone-else-in-the-room laughter. The un-tethered to logic or reason kind, if that makes any sense.)

    I am tempted to try for an accent or perhaps a pun. (Still recovering from my cold and, oddly enough, the capacity to find a pun seems to be a casualty of fevers.)

    …as opposed to wildly inappropriate laughter.

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