The Uprising

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to J Hardy Carroll for the photo.

The Uprising

She is alone on the hill.
The other women stand apart.
Her misfortune is so great, they are afraid to be near her.
She has lost everyone in the uprising: husband, three sons, and now her only daughter-in-law, taken prisoner in the final protest.
Aye, probably dead now too – or wishes she was.
The woman is empty, hollowed out, yet heavy with grief.
But she has no time for self-pity.
She turns away from the scar of the internment camp.
There is a child waiting at home.
She is all he has now.
And because of him she will live.


  1. “And so it goes…” (Kurt Vonnegut) It’s a wonder that any of us get through it alive. Oh right, we don’t. Excellent storytelling, Jenne. About the women afraid to be near her, such an intimate detail that really brings your story to life.


  2. I read this at 5am this morning, it took me to Auswitcz. To the aftermath of the Jacobite rebellion and then to a night in Greenock when many Italian businesses were ransacked and the men interred. All from a short piece of dynamic prose.


  3. Perfectly written. So many losses and they still go on. It makes you wonder how people still can maintain the courage to rise up against their oppressors. And we see it every day, all over the world, if we care to look.


    • Thank you so much, GHL. That’s the thought I was aiming for by not setting the wee story at any point or in any place in history. It’s sadly a story for all time.


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