Back to the Office

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Carrot Ranch Challenge
In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story inspired by the word OFFICE.

Back to the Office

The office hasn’t really changed.
My chair sits in front of the desk and the computer, waiting for me.
Has it really been eighteen months?
I switch on, sit down.
Somehow the chair’s too small, the desk too low.
My fingers are too big for the keyboard.
I look at the screen – and it winks at me!
No, seriously, it does!
The chair swivels me round to look out at the world outside.
And then back to the computer.
I see giant letters appear one by one:
Followed by an exclamation mark!

Who am I to argue?


  1. I really liked this post lockdown piece – the text itself and what I thought of as the subtext. I knew you could write happy posts, must be because the summer suns are glowing!


  2. This is good news when the pandemic spurs you to outgrow your old vison of office and work.
    Now go get that frisbee and find a dog to play with! 😉


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